CBCT 3D Imaging

Enhanced Image Clarity and Precision
The cone beam CT technology precisely targets specific areas, enabling dentists to examine regions as minute as a single tooth's root. With its 3D capabilities, dentists can scrutinize the patient's oral structures from various perspectives, facilitating more accurate diagnoses and thorough evaluations.

Comprehensive Visualization of Bone and Soft Tissues
In contrast to conventional dental X-rays, cone beam CT scans effortlessly capture both bone and soft tissue details. This comprehensive imaging provides superior information compared to standard X-rays, empowering dentists to devise more precise treatment plans.

Reduced Radiation Exposure
Utilizing a lower radiation dosage than regular CT scans, CBCT scans ensure minimal radiation exposure to patients. Moreover, no residual radiation lingers in the patient's body post-scan. Nonetheless, it's essential for female patients to inform the dentist about pregnancy to implement necessary precautions.

Efficient and Comfortable Procedure
A full-mouth scan typically lasts between 20 to 40 seconds, with specific area scans requiring less than 10 seconds. Dentists can generate numerous images in a single scan, offering a comprehensive overview of the patient's oral health. Each scan produces multiple perspectives and angles that dentists can manipulate for a thorough evaluation. Additionally, CBCT scans are noninvasive, painless, and highly accurate, ensuring a comfortable experience for patients.

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